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what people are saying

"Tracy Currie is a brilliant and creative woman of high integrity. I would not hesitate to work with her under any circumstance. She walks her talk, is highly articulate, trustworthy and a leader in every way. If you have an opportunity to work with her or be coached by her, don't pass it up."
~ Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC
“Coaching sessions with Tracy have been the perfect catalyst for me to start opening up my life. She has an amazing way of listening not only to what I’m saying, but of finding patterns between the words and helping me to see the bigger picture. Her insights are always enlightening. Our sessions leave me feeling empowered and joyful, even if we've been digging deep into some dark places. The transformations that I have felt in our work together makes me wonder why I didn't start with her sooner! She is a gifted coach and I highly value our work together.”

                                       ~Catherine, Stratford, ON
"I am honored to provide a recommendation for Tracy Currie who was my coach while we both worked at HP. I had originally signed up for coaching to help my professional career move forward. My time with Tracy proved to be one of the best experiences of my life. Her expertise and guidance are second to none. Tracy’s coaching style is highly effective as a result of her amazing outlook and insight. She is compassionate, understanding and sincerely cares for her clients. My coaching sessions changed direction about halfway through and focused more on personal aspects of my life; I truly believe I am where I am today because of her. Tracy has an amazing talent of being able to make her clients see things from a new perspective and understand if and where improvements or changes are needed. Her passion for her work is admirable and I have the deepest respect for her. Tracy Currie has my unqualified endorsement and recommendation."
~Lisa, London, England
"Tracy is a skilled coach; passionate about creating transformation in her client's personal and professional lives. Tracy is able to hear beyond her client's words and create insight and awareness that propels them into action. For any client looking to create dramatic change in their lives, especially when a dose of truth is necessary, I would recommend Tracy."
~ Shawna, Corvallis, Oregon