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Music as Medicine - Just Play Your Favourite Tunes

I love music, many kinds of music.  A quick scroll through my playlists reveals that I have an eclectic list of favourite tunes. From R&B to gospel. Funk and house and yes, even a country song or two. Honestly, "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, especially the slower version released in 2018, is one of my faves.

The music and songs I listen to at any given time depend on my mood. I may want to hold onto the sentiment I'm feeling or I may need to shift. This is especaily true when I'm feeling down or a bit blue - flat as my granny used to say. Then I need music to lift me up and out of my funk. Or I may need to be energized. Contrarily, I may use music to get calm and relaxed.  Or even help me drift off to sleep.

Some songs just make me want to dance, move and groove. Double duty!! Exercise and mood lifter. The healing power of dance and music are intertwined, especially how together they affect our emotions and body. The power of dance is a subject for another day. Stay tuned.

No matter who I speak with about music, it is evident that music can be theraputic regardless of your age, ethnic background or preferences. Music has the potential to change our moods, touch our emotions. It is reported to reduce stress and anxiety. Soothe.  Calm.  Invigorate.  Energize.  

Now may be the time to put together your own musical medicine chest. The music that will do this best for you is the music you like. Isn't that great. It's healthy and good for you and you get to choose what you listen to.

Music is an obvious self care tool. If you are looking for a self nurturing quick fix, turn to music. Need to shake up your mind as well as your body; get motivated and enlivened, put on some music.

I'm convinced of the benefits of music and song however my research is anecdotal and based on my own experiences.  For more scientific proof that music can be the remedy you need, just do a Google search and you will find articles and websites written by psychologists, therapists, those who are in the know based on research, case studies and science.  

So, now it's your turn to create your personalized musical medicine chest. Hop over to the Free Resources page and download the PDF Musical Medicine Chest to create your personalized musical Rx. Have fun!

Sing out loud. Dance. Be well. Take care of yourself.

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