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The Studio is (re)Open

Years ago I launched my coaching business under the name Studio for the Inner Voice. My focus then was one on one coaching, helping people find their "inner voice", and by that I meant, understand themselves; their hopes, fears, personal obstacles, motivators. By getting to really know themselves better my clients are able to step out and reach their goals and potential.

I'm still coaching however I dropped the business name a few years back. Today, I feel it's time for me to open the studio again. If there was ever a time in my coaching career that I feel the need for people to work on and create with their inner voice, it's now.

I've been wondering how I can help in this universally stressful time. As some of you may already know, my Mom passed away recently. The pain, heart broken intense grief I feel is like nothing I've ever experienced before.  Layer the anxiety and stress of Covid-19 and all that comes with that, I question my current personal strength and ability to coach others one on one, who are also taxed with the stress of self monitoring or isolating, physical and social distancing along with the fear for family and friends.

And yet, I know, I must help in some way. I have the tools, as a life coach, to be of service and comfort. To be a light . 

This is what prompted me to open the studio again. I'm hoping to create a virtual space where we can learn to navigate this road together. We must all practice self care and self nurturing so that we may maintain our emotional health to the best of our ability. I do believe we can nourish our inner voice, our creative muscles and our spirits to find comfort. We all have it within us.

In this virtual studio space I will share self care practices to support your personal program, and worksheets that may help you along the way.

Drop in as often you'd like. Share. Comment. Like. Or just get cozy with being in the virtual space.

Be well and please, take care of yourself.

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