Welcome to the Studio

Take a moment, sit back and relax


In this virtual studio space I will publish materials and content to help you along your self care and creative journey.  


It is the studio for the "inner voice" because I do believe that we are all as unique and individual as snowflakes.  You know yourself best.  I can only guide you along so you can listen to your own best self.


Feel free to use and share as often as feels right.  Check back often for new content.



Take Five


Staying hydrated can keep away brain fog, allowing you to think more clearly. 

It also helps that you have to stop and slow down to have a sip.


We all know the soothing benefits of a long hot bath.  No time?  Have a quick shower to wash away the blahs


Remember when you were a kid and you would lie on your back and make shapes out of clouds.  Take a moment and sky watch.

Tracy Currie © 2020 

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