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Creative Journaling - A Three Part Series

Begins Wed. May 12, 2021
4:00PM - 5:00PM EDT

Join certified life coach Tracy Currie in exploring the practice of journaling and expressive writing with the objective of improving your emotional well being and gaining more self awareness.If you are curious about beginning a journaling practice yet are not sure how to get started or if you already journal, however feel you could enrich and deepen your experience, this workshop is for you.

Join the workshop and get inspired and supported to write for your emotional well being.

In this workshop we will explore the many methods of journaling and discuss some of the benefits that may be gained. There will be time to experiment as we try free form journaling as well as following guided journal prompts that will be provided by Tracy.

Part 1: Wednesday, May 12th @ 4:00 PM EDT - What is journaling and expressive writing and how to get started.

Part 2: Wednesday, May 19th @ 4:00 PM EDT - Types of Journals and Writing Techniques

Part 3: Wednesday, May 26th  @ 14:00 PM EDT - Journaling as a Self Exploration Tool

May Legacy Journal Writing - Creative Prompts and Ideas with Tracy

Thu. May 20, 2021
11:00AM - Noon Eastern


Legacy Journal Writing Community

The Legacy Journal Writing community is a diverse group of people who have committed to documenting their life stories. The group offers a supportive space to meet and help each other along this personal, creative and expressive process. If you are looking for encouragement, guidance and accountability as you write your own legacy, sign up and join the conversation. Add your voice, ideas and perspective to the discussion no matter where you are in the process or how you have chosen to narrate your history.

Tracy has been teaching a three part creative journaling series on Boomerang since September and she will use her knowledge of journaling benefits and techniques as a foundation for facilitating these conversations. She draws on her certified coach training and uses inquiry and perspective to help tease out the tangles of your stories.

Join the community. Bring your questions and legacy writing challenges. Come once a month or drop in when you feel the need for inspiration. 

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories.” ~ Anne Lamott, novelist and non-fiction writer

Book Club: Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss with Tracy

Begins Thu. June 3rd, 2021
2:00PM - Noon Eastern


A Dr. Seuss book? Isn’t that for kids? Perhaps not. “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, much like many children’s books, is full of philosophy, inspiration and wisdom. In his familiar and poetic style, Dr. Seuss addresses life’s challenges, finding inner strength and facing ups and downs with optimism and good judgement.

Satisfy your curiosity and indulge your sense of fun. Come explore the meaning and ideas in this book and how you might apply them to your own life.

Join life coach Tracy Currie and delve into the life lessons and insights in this wonderfully whimsical book through guided conversation and group discussion. And be ready to have some fun.

Meandering through the book every Thursday for four weeks beginning Thursday June 3rd at 2:00pm Eastern.


Scheduled dates are:-

Thursday June 3rd @ 2:00pm Eastern

Thursday June 10th @ 2:00pm Eastern

Thursday June 17th @ 2:00pm Eastern

Thursday June 24th @ 2:00pm Eastern